• International Journal of Health and Music

    The International Journal of Health and Music (IJHM) is a scholarly publication dedicated to advancing research at the intersection of music and health. With a particular focus on the applications of music in healthcare and the well-being of musicians, the journal serves as a platform for rigorous inquiry and knowledge exchange in these interconnected fields.The primary aim of the journal is to explore and elucidate the diverse ways in which music can positively influence health outcomes and contribute to overall well-being. It welcomes studies investigating the effectiveness of music therapy interventions, the role of music in healthcare settings, and the incorporation of music into various health-related practices. The journal seeks to disseminate research on the physiological, psychological, and social effects of music interventions, while also examining their potential applications in diverse healthcare contexts. Additionally, the International Journal of Health and Music endeavors to address the specific health needs and challenges faced by musicians. It invites research on preventive measures, specialized medical care, and the development of protocols to support the physical, mental, and occupational well-being of musicians.

  • International Journal of Music Entrepreneurship and Leadership

    The International Journal of Music Entrepreneurship and Leadership (IJMEL) is a prestigious scholarly publication dedicated to original scholarship at the intersection of music, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Our journal explores a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship theory in music, music entrepreneurship education, music management and leadership, music and creative industries, music advocacy and policy, music in community and economic development, nonprofit leadership, effectual entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship in or using music, production innovation and business practices, and public practice in music. With a strong emphasis on intercultural perspectives and the global impact of entrepreneurship and leadership in the music industry, we encourage exploration of empirical, conceptual, pedagogical, philosophical, and historical foundations of the field, illuminating connections between music production, education, policy, and business disciplines. Additionally, we delve into emerging areas such as the Post-COVID multimodal creative economy, migratory entrepreneurship, and digital entrepreneurship, while addressing policy issues and the importance of music entrepreneurship education. Leadership topics are vital in our journal, recognizing their significance in the music entrepreneurship landscape. We invite submissions examining leadership in various contexts, including non-profit organizations, social impact initiatives, higher education institutions, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship within secular and religious organizations, and diverse worldviews of entrepreneurship. Our journal provides a platform to develop frameworks, test theories, and explore innovative approaches to music entrepreneurship and leadership. We actively seek articles that bridge theory with practice, offering valuable insights to our broad readership.

  • International Journal of Music and Cultural Studies

    The International Journal of Music and Cultural Studies is a cutting-edge, double-blind reviewed academic journal at the intersection of musicology and ethnomusicology. With a broad and inclusive approach, the journal explores the intricate relationship between music and various cultural dimensions, encompassing anthropology, sociology, history, politics, philosophy, and beyond. The journal provides a platform for scholars and researchers to delve into the multifaceted interactions between music and culture. It embraces a wide range of disciplines, primarily musicology and ethnomusicology, which offer specialized insights into the cultural phenomena explored within the broader context. While the journal welcomes investigations that align with this description, it particularly values research on contemporary phenomena that contribute to a deeper understanding of cultural dynamics. By focusing on present-day cultural phenomena, the journal aims to shed light on the intricate interplay between music and society, offering fresh perspectives and generating new knowledge.

  • Scholarly Pathways in Music Research

    Scholarly Pathways in Music Research (SPMR) is an innovative academic journal providing students with a unique opportunity to publish their research through a rigorous double-blind peer review process. With a focus on all types of music research, including historical studies, qualitative and quantitative research, performance-based scholarship, philosophical inquiries, and more, SPMR promotes interdisciplinary exploration, fostering a comprehensive understanding of music. Our mentorship model ensures active collaboration between editors and authors, nurturing the growth of students as scholars and facilitating knowledge advancement in music and related disciplines.

  • International Journal of Music Performance Research

    The International Journal for Music Performance Research is a dynamic and innovative scholarly publication that explores the methodology of Performative Arts research within the field of music. It provides a platform to recognize musical artistic creation as a rigorous research process, thus acknowledging musicians and composers as researchers in their own right. The journal presents musical artistic creations, often accompanied by descriptions of the methodological processes and the theoretical and/or artistic foundations that have influenced their development.

  • Open Journal of Music Education

    The Open Journal of Music Education (OJME) is a distinguished double-blind reviewed academic journal that provides a dynamic and open-minded platform for sharing diverse forms of music education, encompassing K-12 education, specialized programs for individuals with special needs, seniors, and exploring music education in various cultural contexts and modalities. The journal aims to broaden the understanding and enhance the practice of music education through a comprehensive range of scholarly contributions.

    The OJME welcomes a wide spectrum of research papers, including philosophical investigations, quantitative and qualitative studies, mixed-methods approaches, historical analyses, contemporary writings, and insightful interviews. The journal seeks to create a rich tapestry of knowledge by embracing a multidimensional view of music education, fostering dialogue across diverse areas of inquiry.

    With a commitment to inclusivity, the OJME provides a space for the exploration of subsets within music education. This includes exploring music education for individuals with special needs, innovative approaches to music education for seniors, and examining music education practices within different cultural and contextual settings. The journal values research that sheds light on the transformative power of music education in these unique and important domains.

  • International Journal of Music Pedagogy

    The International Journal of Music Pedagogy (IJMuP) is and open-minded academic journal dedicated to the advancement of music pedagogy in all its facets, embracing both non-traditional and traditional forms. With a focus on pedagogy and innovation in the classroom, the journal aims to foster access, equity, and inclusion, while exploring emerging areas such as multicultural teaching, online pedagogy of music, and other novel subsets pertinent to 21st-century training of future musical creators.