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The International Journal of Health and Music (IJHM) is a scholarly publication dedicated to advancing research at the intersection of music and health. With a particular focus on the applications of music in healthcare and the well-being of musicians, the journal serves as a platform for rigorous inquiry and knowledge exchange in these interconnected fields.The primary aim of the journal is to explore and elucidate the diverse ways in which music can positively influence health outcomes and contribute to overall well-being. It welcomes studies investigating the effectiveness of music therapy interventions, the role of music in healthcare settings, and the incorporation of music into various health-related practices. The journal seeks to disseminate research on the physiological, psychological, and social effects of music interventions, while also examining their potential applications in diverse healthcare contexts. Additionally, the International Journal of Health and Music endeavors to address the specific health needs and challenges faced by musicians. It invites research on preventive measures, specialized medical care, and the development of protocols to support the physical, mental, and occupational well-being of musicians.